About Paediatric Physio

IMG_0053Why Refer to a Paediatric Physiotherapist?

Children are not little adults. 

Children have unique circumstances and features such as growth plates, greenstick fractures, etc.

We have specialized skills in comparison to an adult physiotherapist.

We offer knowledge obtained by additional courses, giving us specific training and tools specifically geared towardspediatric clients.

We cater rehabilitation to children.

Programs are fun and engaging to ensure a more successful result.

We strive to maximize a child’s function as quickly as possible.

We are passionate about working with children and enjoy coordinating care with other health professionals, including OT, SLP, behaviour therapists and music therapists.

Why “wait and see” is NOT the answer – early intervention is!

* Research is limited by methodological weaknesses, however,growing consensus is that early intervention is beneficial.

* There is considerable evidence regarding early brain development and how brief some of the “windows of opportunity” are for optimal development of neural pathways.

* The goal of early intervention is to enhance the competence of participants in all developmental domains in order to prevent or minimize delays. Additionally, most interventions also assist families in coping effectively with daily challenges at home and in the community.

* Early intervention can dramatically improve a child’s development and prevent additional concerns such as behaviour issues.

* The “wait and see” approach may postpone addressing a medical concern that has a specific treatment and may delay or decrease access to funding availability.

Why refer to a private therapist?

o There are minimal wait times for assessment and treatment (we can often start working on goals while awaiting assessment from public facilities)

o We offer intensive blocks of physiotherapy rather than consultative/monthly home or school based visits, with focus on equipment

o We work in conjunction with public paediatric therapists to provide the most in depth services

o You have the option to use private benefit coverage or we can help explore alternative avenues of funding for treatment